Personalised Gifting Document

Item Description

Want to give a gift for someone but a gift card is too impersonal? Well how about a "Gifting Document"? This is especially good if you wish to get a custom document for someone but are not quite sure what to get or how it should be worded. You may purchase this separately or with the document to be customised.

The document can be flat or rolled as a scroll. It can say something to the effect, "You have been gifted with.........from Distinctive Documents on Etsy." The person can then contact us to work with us on creating a custom document or product just for them and specific to their needs.

Please note that this document will be mailed separately so please provide the correct shipping address to where you wish it delivered. You may wish it delivered to you so you can present it or sent to the person directly. Please note that this price does not include the custom document but only your method of presenting it. Custom document needs to be purchased as well.

You may provide us with specific information on what you wish the Gifting Document to say. If you do not, we will word it ourselves. Thanks for looking.

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