Once Upon a Time / Rumplestiltskins Contract with Belle with Bonus Pendant!

Item Description

Here we offer our version of the contract between Rumplestiltskin and Belle. Belle gave her word to Rumple that in exchange for saving her Kingdom and family, she would become his servant. Whilst in the show, the contract was only made verbally, by the recommendations of a loyal fan, we have crafted this parchment contract and made it available to you.

The contract is printed on fine quality copper parchment, 4 pages in total, joined together to form a complete document. The contract details the arrangement between Rumple and Belle and ends with a place for her signature or mark, thus making the contract completely final. The document has a red wax seal at the bottom with a golden metal wheat stack embedded within. The scroll is rolled and closed with a black textured paper cuff with a red paste seal bearing the "R" of Rumplestiltskin with wheat stacks surrounding it.

Makes a great gift for any fan of "Once Upon a Time" or Rumpbelle. Get it for a unique conversation piece, collectible or Cosplay accessory. To open, simply slide the paper cuff off and use again and again!

For a limited time, we are providing a bonus pendant and chain with your order. See photo above for details.

Please note that this sale is for the Rumplestiltskin Contract with Belle only. All other items are for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thanks for looking.

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