Ned Stark's Letter to Lord Stannis Baratheon with Bonus Pendant

Item Description

When Eddard Stark was offered the position of Hand of the King by Robert Baratheon, he discovered that Queen Cersei's brother Jaime had actually fathered her children, thus making Joffrey, the Heir Apparent ineligible for the Iron Throne. He wrote a letter to Lord Stannis Baratheon, the one whom Ned believed to be most eligible for the Iron Throne after his brother Robert died. In this letter he informed Stannis of his findings (although Stannis may have already known this information).

Our letter is printed on fine parchment and closely resembles the prop from the show. The font is in dark brown and bears all of the wording of the official prop. It bears the signature of Eddard Stark and the red wax seal of the Hand of the King (the show did not show this but it is on the official display prop). It is rolled and then a silver wax direwolf seal (as appears in the show) is placed to keep it sealed. The show's document appears flat, more than likely because of the difficulty in applying the seal to a rounded document. If you prefer it flat, just let us know. Also, we can apply glue dot adhesive to the seal to make it easier to open and not damage the parchment. Let us know if you desire this option. The document is 11" x 17" in size. If you prefer a slightly smaller size, we can print 8.5" x 14". Let us know.

For a limited time, we are offering a Stark Direwolf bonus pendant with your purchase. Hurry while supplies last!

A great gift for the Game of Thrones fan and especially those giving allegiance to Stark or House Baratheon. Makes a great conversation piece or a great prop for your next role-playing game or LARP.

Please note that sale is for Stark Letter only. All other items are for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thank you for looking.

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