Ministry of Magic Certification Registry Certificate with Bonus "Platform 9-3/4" Pendant!

Item Description

Auror or Animagus? Which are you? Well you know you have to be registered with the Ministry and here's your Certification. Just tell us which one (Auror or Animagus) and the name of the recipient and we'll do the rest!

Enclosed in parchment envelope with Ministry Seal. Please include any special address you wish listed (Room at the Top of the Stairs, etc.) as well as any particular date for the certificate. Cheers!

Currently we are offering a bonus Platform 9-3/4 Pendant - a reminder of where the student boarded the Hogwarts Express. Hurry, as supplies are limited! Please refer to photographs above for detail.

Note: Sale is for Ministry of Magic Certificate with envelope and bonus pendant. Props for photography (Books, candles, etc.) not included.

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