The Love Letters of Napoleon and Josephine

Item Description

Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine de Beauharnais had one of the most epic relationships in history. Her first husband was guillotined in the Revolution and she herself spent time in prison thereafter. She was six years older than the younger Napoleon when they began courting in 1795. They would eventually marry and divorce but would remain close friends even thereafter.

We have chosen to recreate a letter sent to Josephine in March 1796 shortly after Napoleon was made General of the Army of Italy. His words show his intense passion for Josephine - a passion he would hold for the rest of his life. The letter we have chosen for Josephine was written in 1810 after their divorce but it shows the intense love that still remained between them. The letters adapted here are in English.

The letter is comprised of two joined pieces of paper. Following the pattern of the originals we have elected to fold the letter to make its own envelope. The folded letter is then sealed with red wax like the originals and then sealed with a "B" for Bonaparte. If you prefer that the wax seals not be stuck down, please let us know as removing them will cause some damage to the parchment.

A great gift for the fan of Napoleon and Josephine or for those who want to have a bit of historical romance thrown into their lives. Read their words and sense their passion - a passion that lives on after these many long years.

Please note that this sale is for the two Love Letters of Napoleon and Josephine. All other items are for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thanks for looking.

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