Hufflepuff Certificate of Appreciation with Party Invitation from Hannah Abbott Longbottom and Bonus Hufflepuff House Pendant!

Item Description

If you are a member of Hufflepuff House and have done really well - why not show it off? Here is a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding academic achievement and service to House Hufflepuff.

The certificate is printed on fine parchment with a gold border and is signed by Pomona Sprout. It has a wax seal for both Hufflepuff and Hogwarts on the certificate in yellow and red wax respectively. Please message us with the name of the recipient.

The document is sealed in a large parchment envelope with Hufflepuff wax seal.

Also included is an invitation to a party at the Leaky Cauldron from Hannah Abbott Longbottom.

Currently, we are also offering a bonus Hufflepuff House pendant with chain. Hurry, as supplies are limited! Refer to photographs above for detail.

Please note that other items in photograph are for prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thank you for looking.

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