Harper Brooch

Item Description

Some Harpers don't care who knows they're a Harper and for those we offer the large Harper Brooch. 50 mm in size, the Harper Brooch is sure to capture attention. Also a great accessory to wear while in the accompaniment of other Harpers while not on an important and dangerous mission.

The Harper Brooch is mounted in a 50mm silvered metal bezel with a pin back. The Brooch can also be made into a pendant (although a large one) so if you desire that option, just message us. A silver harp and silver filigreed moon complement the symbol and those are surrounded by 4 four pointed silver stars. All is placed on a mystical blue background that echoes mysterious magical powers.

A great gift for the fan of the Harpers or those who LARP.

Please note that this sale is for the Harper Brooch only. Any other items shown are for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thanks for looking!

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