Game of Thrones - The Red Wedding Invitation / The Rains of Castamere / House Frey and House Tully

Item Description

Game of Thrones fan or know someone who is? Well, did you attend the Red Wedding? Here we offer a custom invitation sent from Walder Frey, the Lord of the Crossing and House Tully of Riverrun (a subtle reference that Lord Frey will soon command Riverrun through his son Emmon but still acknowledging the Tully part) announcing the marriage of Lord Edmure Tully to Lord Frey's daughter Roslin. 

The letter can be addressed in common as shown in the photograph or personalized with a person or couple's name, addressed as "Lord" or "Lady" or "Lord and Lady". If you require personalization, please message us with the name (limited to 25 characters, including spaces).

The invitation is printed on 8.5" x 14" parchment with a water-themed medieval side-border, following that both the Frey and Tully Houses are situated on water. An illuminated letter begins the invitation from Lord Frey and bears the coats of arms of both houses on each side, echoing House Frey's station as the twin towers of the Crossing. The Star of the Seven gives holy sanction to the marriage invitation and perhaps a consoling factor that all will be well for those attending - we know otherwise.

At the bottom is the shield of House Stark, placed between and slightly below the seals of House Frey and House Tully, perhaps a bitter acknowledgement of the King in the North but not giving him full place and stating Robb's title of "King in the North. Also it echoes House Stark's role in being placed between the two family Houses.

The seals of House Frey and House Tully are placed upon blue and dark red wax respectively. The document is then rolled and a blue textured paper sleeve is then placed around it. To open, simply slide off the paper cuff and use again and again!

To make the invitation most authentic, we have elected to spatter the open or closed document in simulated blood - open had the invitation been open on the table - closed if it had been rolled. If you have a preference, please let us know, otherwise, the blood will be on the face of the document. All invitations will have blood spatter unless you message us and request that we not use it.

Please note that sale is only for the Red Wedding invitation. All other items in photograph are for prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thank you for looking.

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