Game of Thrones - Letter from Lord Tywin Lannister to Lord Frey

Item Description

Here is our rendition of the letter written from Lord Tywin Lannister to Lord Frey making the initial plans for the Red Wedding. The letter is printed on fine copper parchment and bears a medieval-styled border. The illuminated "D" has a knight and his lady, giving some assurances of future marriages between Lannister and Frey and a haunting reminder of the bloody Red Wedding to come. Below the shields of Lannister and Frey are offered to one another as a sign of alliance. In addition we have added the royal Lannister seal and the seal of Tywin as Hand of the King.

The 8.5" x 14" letter is rolled and sealed with a red textured paper cuff with gold wax seal with the rampant Lannister lion. To open, simply slide off the paper cuff and use again and again.

Please note that sale is for Lannister letter only. All other props are for photographic purposes only and are not for sale. Thanks for looking.

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