Game of Thrones - House GreyJoy / Letter of Marque to Victarion Greyjoy from King Euron Greyjoy - Customisable

Item Description

Here is the Letter of Marque commissioning the Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet to seek out Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons and to use the Dragon Horn to subdue them. Of course this letter can be customised. Message us if you would like changes made.

The Letter is printed on fine ivory parchment and bears the shield of the Greyjoys topped with a gold crown, signifying Euron's claim as King of the Iron Islands. Below is the seal of the King with the motto of House Greyjoy "We Do Not Sow" underneath. Two sea dragons surround the seal giving some echo as to the King's desire to own the dragons of the Queen of Meereen and the other cities of Slaver's Bay.

The letter has a black and gold textured paper cuff bearing a black wax seal with a silvered kraken embedded within. To open, simply slide the paper cuff off and use again and again!

Please note that this sale is for the Greyjoy letter only. Other items in the photographs are for photographic prop purposes only. Thank you for looking.

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