Fourth Age Gondorian/Ithilien Personalized Military Commission (Ranger)

Item Description

Here we offer a military commission issued by Prince Faramir of Ithilien of Gondor in the Fourth Age of Middle-earth. This particular document is crafted to suit Rangers of the White Company but more general Rangers can be added provided they are under the Prince of Ithilien's purview in the Fourth Age. The document is printed on 11" x 17" ivory parchment with a Numenorean themed border. The seal is Faramir's own seal at 50mm size and bears the Tree of Gondor with Seven Stars surmounted by the Moon of Ithilien. Below the Tree is the symbol of the Stewards - "Arandur" in Quenya, meaning "Servant of the King". Around the outside is Faramir's full title. Hanging at the bottom of the document is the Great Seal of King Elessar Telcontar, giving sanction to Faramir's choice.

This makes a great gift for the fan of Middle-earth and especially Gondor and Ithilien. Use it as a unique gaming or LARP prop or simply as a treasured collectible. Please note that this item is suitable only for the Fourth Age of Middle-earth as Faramir does not become Prince of Ithilien until then.

As this is a personalized document, we ask that you relay the name and any particular date in the Fourth Age that you desire to us through message. We also ask that you stay in contact with us in case we have any questions during production. We will ship the document rolled with two black textured paper cuffs to hold it closed.

Thanks for looking!

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