Extras for Custom Projects

Item Description

Sometimes a custom project just takes a lot more work. For most projects that do not take too long, the amount in the listing is enough to cover our expenses in time and materials but sometimes the customer wants that extra bit of work or materials to make the project perfect for their needs. Extra work is priced in $10.00 increments. This is not an estimate of time but only our determination of the amount for increments of the work needed. We will inform you of our estimate for the number of increments needed for the project when you have told us all the parameters of the job. If we do not mention this addition in our messages to you when discussing custom work, the project will be for the listing amount with no additional cost.

For extra metal parts for various adornments, we will use a separate listing for additional cost. As before, if this applies to your project, we will inform you beforehand. Please note that this is not a separate product but a possible addition to personalized and custom projects already listed. 

Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to working with you.

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