Eilistraee / Forgotten Realms / Dungeons and Dragons Customisable Letter with Holy Symbol Pendant

Item Description

Eilistraee - The Dark Maiden and Lady of the Dance is the Goddess of "Good Drow" in the Forgotten Realms fantasy game setting. She is associated with the moon and Drow who come to the surface to live in peace,
The document is printed on fine blue parchment and bears a full moon at the top with a tree silhouette. In this version, the High Priestess of a local Grove is calling for volunteers to help form a Ranger Company to patrol the forests under Eilistraee's domain but you can have it customized to your specifications. Just message us with the details.
The document is sealed with a black textured paper cuff with a silver wax seal that bears the image of a woman dancing with a sword in front of the full moon. At the bottom of the document is the same wax seal giving authorization from the priestess.  To open, simply slide off the paper cuff and reuse again and again!
A great gift for the fan of Eilistraee or good-natured Drow. Use it to start an adventure or as a great prop for your next LARP.
The document also comes with a silvered crescent moon with full moon hanging from it with a silvered tree in front of the full moon. The pendant glows in the dark when charged by light.
Please note that this sale is for the Eilistraee document with bonus holy symbol. All other items for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thank you for looking.
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