Drow Elf / Forgotten Realms - Warrant of Death for Drizzt Do'Urden / Menzoberranzan / House Baenre

Item Description

Drizzt Do'Urden was an exception in Menzoberranzan society. For that reason he felt he had to leave and invoked the wrath of the rest of his kin as well as the Demon Queen of Spiders Lolth. This letter is a Warrant of Death issued by Matron Baenre but yours can be customised to your specifications. Message us with the details.

The Warrant is printed on fine ivory parchment with appropriate decorative motifs. The sigil of House Baenre is at the top and the sigil of the House is placed in black wax at the bottom. A black textured paper cuff seals the document with wax seal and metal spider embedded within. The wax is glow-in-the-dark, perhaps showing a magical ward upon the document. To open, simply slide the paper cuff off and use again and again!

A great gift for the fan of Drizzt or Drow Elves. Use in as the start of an adventure or a great prop in your next roleplaying game or LARP.

Please note that sale is for letter only. All other items in photographs are for prop purposes only. Thanks for looking.

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