DHL Shipping for International Orders

Item Description

If you need International shipping but your Country has a postal service that can sometimes be unreliable or if you need it quicker than the United States Postal Service can ship and your own Postal system can deliver, then we offer shipping through DHL. Distinctive Documents now has a relationship with this international carrier and can have your item shipped via DHL. The cost is higher but you will get it quicker and more reliably.

The differences are simple. We can ship First Class International which can take a week to up to 4 weeks to some locations. You can get Priority Mail Express International which is quicker or Global Express Guaranteed which is much quicker but in both of those cases, your country's Postal workers will be the ones to deliver the package. If you fear the package could be lost or stolen, then we suggest you try DHL.

DHL ships your package and picks it up once it clears customs. It is a DHL employee who delivers it to your door so you know who is responsible from initial shipping to the end point delivery to your location.

Our DHL price covers a 2 lb package to most locations. If your location warrants a lower price, we will refund you the difference.

Please note that you may be charged an additional shipping charge due to website shipping parameters but we will refund you this amount back if this happens. The price you pay, minus any deductions, will be for shipping your package. Thanks for your patronage.

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