D&D Forgotten Realms Customized Documents

Item Description

Faerun is a wonderful world to play Dungeons and Dragons. At Distinctive Documents we want to make your role-playing experience even more wonderful! If you are a player or a Dungeon Master, we can create documents to enliven your game or better describe your character or NPC's.

Our specialties include: Knighthoods bestowed by a certain Ruler, Land Grants, Letters of Marque, Commissions, Menus, Academic Certificates, Wills, Letters of Deposit or Personal Letters.

Simply describe what you want in a message to us, giving as much detail as possible. Choose a color of parchment, ink color and any seals to be used. If you're not sure of the details and wish for us to craft you a product, we can do that too. Our staff is very knowledgeable of the Forgotten Realms world and can provide something to fit your needs. As always, if necessary, consult your DM for particularities for his/her campaign world.

The price listed is for a basic document of 1 - 3 pages. For more detailed or lengthy documents, message us for a quote.

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