Custom Scroll Case (Customisable)

Item Description



Here we offer a custom scroll case for any documents that you may wish to carry safely and in traditional medieval style. The case is normally 12 inches in length and has a 1.5 inch interior diameter.

The scroll case can be customized with a custom cover. The wooden end caps can be stained to your color choice and adornments can be added such as faux jewels in a variety of colors. Just message us with the details of what you have in mind and we will work with you to produce what you need. Some materials such as genuine leather may cost additional. Consult with us for pricing of any specialty materials.

The benefits of parchment is that it can be printed upon with most any design or writing. Price of parchment is included in this listing.

The benefits of pleather are that it has a leather-look and can be had in reptile textures. Price of pleather is included in this listing.

The benefits of leather are that it is classic and authentic and sometimes, nothing beats the real thing. Leather may be purchased as an upgrade. See link above.

Please note that this is a custom item and shipping may be slightly delayed whilst we work on it and consult with you on details for its build.

Please note also that this sale is for the custom scroll case only. All other items seen in the photo are for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thanks for looking.

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