Civil War Confederate Officer's Commission (Personalized) with Accompanying Letter

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Perhaps you are a Civil War reenactor in charge of his own unit or an armchair historian with an interest in the Civil War.? Perhaps you had a past relative who fought in the Conflict? Whatever your reason, we offer you here a Confederate Officer's Commission in the Army of the Confederate States of America and issued by Jefferson Davis and his Secretary of War. As few such commissions exist, we have used the format of the Confederate Commissioning of Naval Ships and their Captains as guidance in creating this document which combines elements of that document and the U.S. Army Officer's Commission. Accompanying the Commission is a letter from Adj. General Samuel Cooper in Montgomery, Alabama that is also personalized (After the Capitol is moved to Richmond, that city will be used). It is approx. 11' x 8.25" in size. 

The document is printed on 11" x 17" fine quality parchment with "Jefferson Davis" as its heading as President of the Confederate States of America. The document will then state the name, rank and unit designation of the Officer and the directives as issued by the President. It will be signed with Jefferson Davis' signature and his Secretary of War. We have chosen to use James Seddon as he was the longest serving. If you prefer another Secretary of War, please message us. At the bottom is a attached the Great Seal of the Confederacy. The Seal was used rarely, if at all during the War so if you prefer it not be used or if you prefer the Seal printed instead or simply stamped onto the parchment, just message us - otherwise, we will send as in the listing. We have chosen to construct our Seal as not to look too modern by having a worn appearance.

The document will be shipped rolled with a gray ribbon to secure it.

As this is a custom document, we will need the following information:

Name as you would like it to appear on the document

Rank preferred

Unit designation ( if desired but not necessary). If you do not give a designation, we will state "Confederate States Army"

Date of issuance. (Between April 12, 1861 and May 9, 1865) ***Note: Issuance date may designate Secretary of War used.

As this is a personalized document, we ask that you check your messages in case we have further questions. Please see message above concerning Letter.

Please note that this document is for historical interest purposes only. As a reproduction document, it may vary from the originals. Thanks for looking!

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