Chosen of Eilistraee Pendant

Item Description

Here we offer what we like to call "The Chosen of Eilistraee pendant". The pendant is silvered metal with a glass cabochon with an image of the Lady of the Dance underneath. Size is 35mm x 45mm and chain length is 24".

Eilistraee is the Drow Goddess associated with hunting, moonlight and song. The daughter of Araushnee (Lolth) and Corellon Larethian, Eilistraee is the patron of good Drow who aim to once again live on the surface of Faerun. The most famous of the Chosen was Qilué Veladorn, one of the Seven Sisters who also had the honor of being a Chosen of Mystra, Goddess of Magic.

A great gift for the fan of Eilistraee. Makes a great gaming or LARP prop as well.

Please note that this pendant does not come with a custom document but you can order such a document here:

Thanks for looking!

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