Captain's Commendation Certificate (Star Trek)

Item Description

If you really love the Star Trek Universe and would like to be more part of it - why not have a Starfleet Captain issue you a commendation for your brave service in the face of danger - or for whatever reason? Just message us with the following:

Time period of Star Trek desired
Uniform type desired
Rank desired
Section of work (Command, Science, Engineering, Medical, Operations, etc.)
Name as you would like to appear on Certificate
Starship desired
Captain you wish to sign
Any particular Stardate
Any particular event or credit you wish to recieve (briefly please)
A photo of your head and neck area to implement into the uniform

Upload us your photo and we'll merge it with the uniform of your choice - just tell us what Star Trek time period - Enterprise, TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager or films - Kirk to Picard.

The certificate is printed on white cardstock paper and is inserted into a navy blue holder and will be shipped Priority Mail domestic or First Class International. A great gift for the Star Trek fan who wants "to boldly go".

Please note that this sale is for the Star Trek Captain's Commendation Certificate only with blue holder. All other items are for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale. Be sure to check out our Starfleet Academy Acceptance Package. Thanks for looking!

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