Ursula's Contract with Ariel

Item Description

Are you a fan of the Little Mermaid? The contract that Ursula the Sea Witch had Ariel sign gave her legs to walk on land but the contract props out there leave a lot to be desired. For one, they don't really spell out what the contract entails. Much of the body of the contract is gibberish and the artists who have recreated the prop have continued to use this in their replica contracts.

Here at Distinctive Documents, we like to take suggestions from fans and one such fan, Justin Anderson of Orland Park, Illinois gave us some great suggestions for a new contract - one in which the terms are spelled out but still keeps the spirit of the film version.

The contract is fairly long - around 40 inches long and can be made with or without the art at the top and the bottom. The animated film version has the document rolling from the top and the bottom and does not show if there is anything there. We chose to dress it up a bit with some artwork from the early 20th century illustrations, notably E.S. Hardy and Helen Isobel Mansfield Ramsey Stratton. If you don't wish the artwork to be on the document, simply message us with that detail - otherwise we will keep it on by default. Documents without the artwork will have a blank parchment page at the top and the bottom to allow for the roll of the parchment.

Please note that this is an adaptation of the animated film contract and is not an exact replica. For those wishing to purchase that one, there are many available online and we would direct you there. This document will be shipped double rolled with a textured paper cuff to keep it closed. We thank you for your interest.

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