Talos / Lords of the Tempest / Forgotten Realms DnD Customisable Document

Item Description

Talos - The God of Natural Destruction in the Forgotten Realms fantasy game setting. His symbol is an explosive lightning strike usually symbolized by three lightning bolts. Called the Storm Lord or simply "The Destroyer", Talos epitomizes the random chaotic destruction of nature in its most violent form.

One of the groups associated with him is a mysterious group of wizards called The Lords of the Tempest who specialize in elemental magic. This particular document calls upon its membership for a meeting to be held in the City of Waterdeep but you can have it customized to your specifications (within word limit). Just message us with the details.

The document is printed on fine ivory parchment and has a bloodstained border with three lightning strikes upon the page. Talos' symbol is at the bottom, upturned in this case. The document can be opened by removing the textured paper cuff that bears the symbol of Talos in metal embedded in blue wax. This allows the document to be easily used again and again.

A great gift for the fan of Talos. Use it as the start of a new roleplaying game adventure or as a great prop for your next LARP.

Please note that this sale is for the Talos document only. All other items are for photographic prop purposes only and are not for sale. Thanks for looking.

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