Silvanus / Forgotten Realms - Emerald Enclave Druid Customisable Letter

Item Description

Here is a customisable letter concerning Silvanus - the Deity of Nature in the Forgotten Realms fantasy game setting. This particular letter concerns the bestowing of the title of Forest Master by the Arch-Druid of the Emerald Enclave but it can be customised to your specifications within word limit. Message us with the details.

The letter is printed on fine light green parchment with a vine side border and symbols of the Emerald Enclave and Silvanus at the top. The letter is sealed with a textured paper cuff with metal symbol of Silvanus embedded within. To open, simply slide the paper cuff off and use again and again!

Please note that sale is for letter only. All other items in photographs are for prop purposes only. Thanks for looking.

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